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Color Sorting
000000 Black

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This character 000000 Black is 000000, named Black/Чёрный (000000) in colour name 8.

Codes and Numbers

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The hexadecimal code that matches this color is 000000


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This color was named for the name comes from an ancient word "ble" which meant shiny. "Ble" is the same origin for the words "Blue", "Blonde", and "Blank".

This color is a shade of Black

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Printing Advice (Primary Color)

Black is usually printed by only using black ink, but in certain cases, cyan, magenta, and yellow pigments may be used to absorb more light.

Black: 100%


  • Technically, Black color is, to be accurate, the result of the absence of all light.

Black is the darkest shade there is. In science, black is technically the absence of light while its opposite white is the combination of all wavelengths. Black and white make a midpoint shade of gray.