Color Sorting


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Color Sorting

Here is the list of all Official Colors in this Site, we will update our list more and more!


  • Your page must be a color page!
  • I only put in colors that I actually seen a lot.
  • Your page should not have a broken color or no color, or else I will not add it.
  • The page should exactly look like the template!
  • I won't accept any colors that are unfinished.
  • The color should not just follow these rules but also has to follow Color Sorting Policies too!


White Black Magenta Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Cyan Purple Pink Olive Indigo Coral Lime Grey

Update Log[]

Verizon 0.0: Released with 11 colors = 11 colors

Verizon 0.1: Added 4 new colors = 15 colors