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Contributors wanted

Can anyone contribute? Yes! Please Help! Although this site is mostly for professionals in color, this is a huge project and there is plenty that can be done by people who aren't professionals and all help would be appreciated. These are the best ways that anyone may contribute and help:

Please don't be sloppy. I have noticed a lot of sloppiness lately. If you don't know, leave it blank. Do not feel obligated to fill every field. For example, I saw one entry saying that the color was named after dark blue. Colors are named after people, or objects, or events, or abstract concepts. Colors are not named after dark blue. Please be more careful.

  • Find photos and pictures that illustrate color. Although it may be nearly impossible to find pictures for some colors such as the color Jeffrey, most colors can be found with only a small amount of searching. Seek out photos of plants and animals for colors such as Teal, Yam, or Walnut. Other colors such as Umber, Titanium, and Klein are paints and dyes that are fairly well known amongst artist.
  • Clean up the technicalities. Many professionals in color are not professionals in computer language or technical language. Any help automating this wiki or fixing glitches would be appreciated.
  • Contribute trivia. Any information about the color or its history or etymology would be appreciated.

Technical differences

WARNING: Anyone interested in color must be aware of this:

352538 obsidian - closeup


When sorting colors, there is a difficulty caused by technical differences. Two items using the same dye can have slight differences in their final color. The same image can have slight differences in color when displayed on a different monitor. Additionally, colors fade or change when exposed to different lighting. There is always a high chance of slight differences in color. A good example of this is the photo of obsidian displayed here. If you see this image at where it originally came from, the obsidian is significantly shinier and more brilliant. However, due to technical differences, the obsidian looks duller at Color Sorting here.

People might ask, with all the technical differences, why would people bother with sorting colors? First, we sort colors based on the way the eye perceives color and not on the way different technologies produce color. There is enough consistency in the perception of color to reduce the hassle of technical differences. Second, we sort colors so that we can improve technology, so that technology becomes better at producing color that matches the way the eye perceives color. Remember this in all you do here at Color Sorting: though the technical differences may cause a slight mismatch between the colors and their images, we are always attempting to match the color the eye sees instead of the color the technology produces.

Helping out

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