Color Sorting


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Color Sorting

These are the few policies that will be enforced.

  1. Alternate names for colors are exempt from these policies. These policies are only concerned with the article name which should be the primary name used when referencing a color.
  2. All color names should be a single word with no spaces, digits or punctuation. Compound names like robinegg, candyapple, and terracotta will be allowed but reluctantly. We do not want long compound names and we do not want to see compound names when simple names will do. We do not want to see any names like bluegreen, darkred, schoolbusyellow, internationalsafetyorange, fourscoreandsevenyearsago, or ijustlikethiscolor. Bluegreen is called turquoise. Darkred is called maroon. Schoolbusyellow has been simplified to be called bus leaving "school bus yellow" as an alternate name. Internationalsafetyorange has been simplified to be called safety leaving "international safety orange" as an alternate name.
  3. Do not duplicate colors when naming. Fuchsia can be an alternate name for magenta but magenta matches the hexidecimal code of FF00FF. If fuchsia is to have it's own article, it needs to be assigned a different hexidecimal code. See Hexidecimal Chart to see what hexidecimal codes are available. (Mistakes with this rule will be easily forgiven since it is difficult to avoid duplication.)
  4. Some names may be objected to if they are offensive or otherwise misrepresentative. If there is a conflict, contradiction or disagreement about any article, the article with the better justification will be kept while the article that is poorly justified will be deleted. However, certain names that are offensive will automatically be deleted regardless of justification.
  5. Give good justification for naming a color. You may assign your own name to your favorite color but you must justify it. If one Sarah chooses a pink to be named Sarah and another Sarah chooses a purple to be named Sarah, how are we to choose which color should be called Sarah? The following are two examples of good justifications:
alice is named for Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, who started a fashion trend encouraging women to wear this shade.
jeffrey is named for the meaning of the name Jeffrey which is "God's peace". This almost white shade is symbolic of God's peace and it is a greenish white to symbolize that God's peace is nurturing and not merely the abscence of turmoil.
  1. Color names should not piggyback original names, like for example: Indigo FINALLY.

These are all the policies. As long as these policies are respected, be creative and have fun.