A color namer is a systematic algorithm to convert colors to color names. A color name is a name describing a color.

There are a variety of ways to do this:

HSV color naming Edit

Discord of this method:

Using HSV to name colors works well.

Here are graphs of all color names used by :

Colorname1 (color name 1)

Colorname2 (color name 2)

Note: When rounding halfway hues, saturations and values, both round halfway values up, but "color name 1" rounds the hue towards red, green or blue and rounds the saturation up, while "color name 2" rounds the hue towards yellow, cyan or magenta and rounds the saturation down. This is important for correct implementation of those methods.

This scheme is created by combining a hue name list, a saturation+value name list and a grayscale name list.

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