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Color Sorting

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A group picture with all the characters and some fanmade Colourblocks like Azure, Bronze, Tan, Chartreuse, Forest, Lavender, Olive, Rose, Spring, Golden, Banana, a crescent-shaped shade of blue, and a blue with transparency water drop.

Colourblocks is a show contributing to the idea of colour.


  • Red - Lively Red is very excited to be in the world. She’s fiery and dramatic and always running around finding new things to be passionate about.
  • Blue - Cool Blue loves to relax in his little blue boat. He’s a calm thinker who’s great at solving problems and who loves to learn new things about the world.
  • Yellow - Sunny Yellow is a happy, bouncy, cheerful chap. Full of fun and always positive, he keeps his friends smiling.
  • Green - Green loves nature, naturally! Kind and relaxed, she loves plants and animals and is happiest in the forest or growing things in her greenhouse.
  • Orange - Active Orange is full of energy! She can’t stop running, jumping, stretching and star-jumping, and when she runs out of juice, a slice of orange soon gets her powered up again.
  • Purple - Imaginative Purple always has big dreams and big plans. He lives like a king in a big purple castle where all his friends are always welcome.
  • Indigo and Violet - Meet the Rainbow Chasers - Indigo, who says he’s ‘like Blue but a bit more Purple’, and Violet, who says she’s ‘A little bit Purple, but a bit more Blue’. These friends of Purple share a passion for rainbows and long to see one.
  • Black and White
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Magenta and Cyan
  • Light Grey, Grey, and Dark Grey


Season 1[]

  1. Red (colour red)
  2. Blue (colour blue)
  3. Yellow (colour yellow)
  4. Red Meets Blue (red and blue objects)
  5. Yellow Meets Red and Blue (primary colours[1] around you)
  6. Green (colour green)
  7. Green Means Go (mixing[2] to make green, stop and go signs)
  8. Chameleon (colour-changing chameleons)
  9. Silly Colouring (wrongly colouring objects)
  10. Orange (colour orange)
  11. Red and Yellow Meet Orange (mixing to make orange)
  12. Purple (colour purple)
  13. The Uncoloured Castle (mixing to make purple)
  14. Purple’s Patterns (patterns)
  15. Rainbow (seven colours of the rainbow, colours indigo and violet)
  16. Little Red Riding Hood (mixing colours)
  17. Pick a Partner (similar colours[3] and complementary[4] colours)
  18. Black and White (colours black and white)
  19. Shades of the Forest (lighter[5] and darker[6] colours)
  20. Lighter and Darker (comparing light, bright[7], and dark colours)
  21. Pink (colour pink)
  22. Brown (colour brown)
  23. Many Mixes to Make Brown (many colours mixing to make brown)
  24. The Printing Crew (CMY model[8])
  25. Grey (shades[9] of grey)
  26. Return of the Printing Crew (CMYK model)
  27. The Sorting Express (difference beetween colours and shades[10])
  28. Choosing Colours (sorting colours)
  29. Colour Wheels (colour wheels)
  30. It’s a Colourful World (recap[11])

Season 2[]

Reference Chart[]

  1. colours that cannot be mixed with any colour and are used to make any chromatic colour, like in CMY subtractive model, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are primary colours
  2. two or more colours making another colour
  3. two-colour analogous colours
  4. opposite colours on the wheel
  5. colour mixed with white
  6. colours mixed with black
  7. colours perfectly at hue, no light, dark, or any shading
  8. a system subtracting light using ink for printing using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, but not Black because it’s CMY and not CMYK
  9. hues in different types, a shade of a colour can be lighter, darker, duller, or a brighter version
  10. colours mixed with a black, white, or grey
  11. a show of everything that has before been done