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Color Sorting
FF7F50 Coral

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Angry Birds Vermilion

This character FF7F50 Coral is FF7F50, named Angry Birds Vermilion/Злые Птицы-Алый (FF7C50) in colour name 8.

Codes and Numbers

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The hexadecimal code that matches this color is FF7F50


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This color was named for a blend of several colors found in a typical coral reef.

This color is a shade of Orange
The color FF7F50 Coral is named after an Animal

Additional Pictures

, 360583 coral, 37948 coral, 272256 patriotic sea creature, 289368 saltwater fish 1, 296794 red coral


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Coral is technically an animal. Many people are often confused about this because coral doesn't move much. In truth, what a person sees as one coral is really a colony of tiny animals like bees in a beehive or termites in a mound. They don't leave the colony. They lure food into the colony and then like jellyfish, they sting their prey and devour it.