Color Sorting


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Read our Color Sorting Policies if you want to make a page, then do anything you want that doesn't break the Fandom's Terms of Use!

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Color Sorting
  1. Do not vandalize. Vandalizing is the true key to bad and it looks pretty dumb and strange. If you vandalize, You will get blocked for eternity.
  2. No spamming, spamming is lazy and you will be immediately blocked if you do it.
  3. Make sure all your edits are constructive. Make your edits at least helpful to the article.
  4. Do not blank a page. Blanking does not exactly removes the article, if you want an article to be deleted, contact an administrator.
  5. Edits must not remove anything, unless if it goes against these rules.
  6. Do not undo a edit. You need to prove why the edit was bad enough.
  7. Making any pages that are colors must adhere to the Color Sorting Policies.