Color Sorting


Approved We may update our notice, but welcome to our site! We have 79 fatal errors that you can fix!

Read our Color Sorting Policies if you want to make a page, then do anything you want that doesn't break the Fandom's Terms of Use!

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Color Sorting
  1. Images that doesn't get used in a reasonable amount of time will get deleted.
  2. Images MUST not be anything that's NSFW! This includes gore and porn.
  3. Give your image a descriptive description, including it's details.
  4. Please try not to upload blurry images.
  5. Match the images to color articles.
  6. If there is a conflict between the color and the image, {{Conflict}} must be placed to mark it as a fatal error.
  7. To bugfix fatal errors of bad color, either assign it to another color or replace the image.