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| Source =
| Source =
| Shade of = Purple
| Shade of = Purple
| Alternate Shade = there should be more and diffrent coluors of purple and if you do not like my idia the it is not right but could you tell me where to get good web sites on where to find differnt shades of purple and if you find that website plz e-mail me to this adress on hotmail it is and if that does not work the e-mail me on but that should work and if you have sent it to Kam316 then he might swear and you but just tell him that it is only his girlfriend Sonam and the send me an e-mail saying that i have just spoke to your boyfriend Kamal k
| Alternate Shade =
Thanx everyone who is going to do that!
| Named after = Flower
| Named after = Flower

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Codes and Numbers

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The hexadecimal code that matches this color is C8A2C8


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This color was named for a flower.
This color is a shade of Purple
The color Lilac is named after a Flower

Confirmation by Picture

758689 lilac


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