Color Sorting


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Color Sorting

List of colour namers is to list the colour namers available.

Regular namers[]

They follow a regular pattern to name colours.

HSV namers:

  • colour name 1 has 10 hues, 4 shades, and 5 greys, for a total of 10×4+5 (45 colour names).
  • colour name 2 has 24 hues, 10 shades, and 9 greys, for a total of 24×10+9 (249 colour names).
  • colour name 7 has 48 hues, 36 shades, 17 greys, and 10 Lerma, for a total of 48×36+17+10 (1755 colour names).
  • colour name 8 has 96 hues, 136 shades, and 33 greys, for a total of 96×136+33 (13089 colour names).

Irregular namers[]

Names scattered around the colour space. Instead of following a regular pattern with multiple names, a single name describes the entire colour.