Photographic Magenta, Purplish Pink, Fuchsia

Codes and Numbers

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The hexadecimal code that matches this color is FF00FF


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This color was named for a specific purple pigment used in photography
This color is a shade of Pink, Purple, Red, Blue
The color Magenta is named after a Dye

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Note: This color is very useful for explaining the difference between a natural color and an artificial color. Fuschia, a plant is natural but the hexidecimal code FF00FF is not a commonly found color in nature. Whether a color is considered natural or artificial is not based on the name of the color but is based on how common the color is found in nature. Artificial colors frequently have to be created by altering light or mixing chemicals. Typically, the purer the color the more artificial it is while natural colors typically mix brown or gray making the color less pure. This is especially true with the purples that are rarely seen in nature except as flowers.

More about magenta: Magenta is mostly used in printers.

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