Color Sorting


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Color Sorting

This is the Priority 4 Hex Chart. I named some of the colors myself, so that is why there's stuff like cornflower purple, and amberish orange.

It is a 4×4×4 sRGB colorcube. This is currently experimental, so it's better to use colour name 8 instead.

Black Ink Blue Blue
Ink Red Ink Purple Cornflower Purple
Lightish Maroon Pebanje
Red Magenta
Ink Green Ink Teal
Ink Olive Dry Gray
Dark Bronze Brandapple
Burnt Orange Strawberry
Droughted Cyan
Shamrock Clover Dry Cyan Fresh Air Blue
Dry Silver Soapy Lavender
Amberish Orange Oldened Orange Pale Strawberry Pale Bubblegum
Green Cyan
Yellow Sunshine Pale Lemonade White