Example with Picture GalleryEdit

Multiple pictures are better shown as "gallery".

If you have more as 2 pictures with different sizes, then write every Image into a single line and enclose they in a <gallery> ... </gallery> on top and bottom.

The Option perrow="3" there says, that will see 3 pictures per row. Default are 4 pics per raw, and this views not nice for 5 pictures. Feel free to use 2 to 4 for the "perraw". And try your view with the button "Show preview" please, before you use "Save page".

Here is a code example, you can see as Coral:

{{Color Article
| Hexidecimal Code  = FF7F50
| Justification     = a blend of several colors found in a typical coral reef.
| Image             = 
<gallery perrow="3">
 Image:360583 coral.jpg
 Image:37948 coral.jpg
 Image:272256 patriotic sea creature.jpg
 Image:289368 saltwater fish 1.jpg
 Image:296794 red coral.jpg
| Source            =
| Shade of          = Orange
| Named after       = 

Comments for later maintain these TemplateEdit

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