The table's caption
Hexcode Name Picture
 ?????? Cranberry 454650 cranberries 2
9999CC Bluebell 467774 bluebell
FEBAAD Melon 814268 summer refreshment 2
 ?????? Peppercorn 478976 peppercorns 1
 ?????? Brass 916386 old brass
 ?????? Willow 751109 weeping willow at a lake
 ?????? Vanilla 60px
9966CC Amethyst 1031707 amethyst geode
 ?????? Hippo 551221 hippopotamus
 ?????? Mars Mars-06-crop-6877

random imagesEdit

715598 milk


995893 white swan04

== Summary ==

230585 persimmon 4

== Summary ==

1045100 gooseberries

== Summary ==

This is a test for random images from a subset of images. It will only view pre-selected images, we have to put in this code block above.

The first series has captions, because I have added 'randomcaption' in the Media store. The others will have the ==Summary==, as long have not added 'randomcaption' in the description on image.

Howto for that functions finds on

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